Offering ecological research and advice at the intersection of nature, technology and people

Who I Am

My name is Folkert de Boer and my background is a combination of biology, IT and Artificial Intelligence, with a strong foundation in scientific research.
As an ecologist I focus on advising, improving and conducting ecological research, the analysis of ecological data and fieldwork with modern technology, in which not the technique, but the ecological question is central. With my expertise and passion for nature, I contribute to finding sustainable solutions that benefit both nature and people. Let’s join forces for a greener future!

fieldwork watching birds monitoring

What I Stand For

Birds are the icing on the cake of our natural surroundings. By looking at birds, one can appreciate nature in all its completeness better.

Since a kid I was interested in birds, resulting in many bird watching trips in the Netherlands and abroad, and a lot of hours, or days, spent to study birds in their natural habitat.

I love everything about nature. From the most alien looking insects to impressive trees and overwhelming landscapes, I can’t get enough.

The way all is connected and interdependent in nature and natural processes, I see as a very valuable lesson. It is an everlasting pleasure to study this.

it gives me great satisfaction to let people experience the beauty of nature by sharing all the captivating stories. From the scandalous sex life of the Dunnock to the intricate life cycle of little butterflies such as the Alcon Blue or the impressive long distance flights of Hawk-Moths, there is a story to impress everybody.

Being empathic is a skill which is at least as important in ecological projects and nature conservation. Luckily, besides a vast knowledge of species, I am also considered to be a “natural” in communicating with other people.

Having a PhD in Computational Biology, I  have a strong foundation in scientific research and analytical thinking is one of my core strengths.