Meetnetten Belgie

veldwerk monitoring ecologie

Meetnetten België The Flemish government wants to collect high-quality information about a number of priority plant and animal species by means of monitoring networks. These species must be reported to Europe in the context of the Habitats and Birds Directives, but also other species that are important for Flemish nature policy. Data is collected in […]

Raptor Ringing

Raptor Ringing Raptor Workgroup “Het Gooi en Vechtstreek” focuses on research on birds of prey. We look for birds of prey, especially during the breeding season. In (early) spring, court displaying birds are followed and their nests are located, trying to get a picture of the course of the breeding process. When possible, eggs are counted […]


Natuurinclusief bouwen oosterwold ecologische monitoring

Oosterwold Oosterwold is a revolutionary green neighbourhood, build from the principles of organic urban growth, stimulating initiatives by which inhabitants can create their own neighbourhoods including public green, energy supply, water management, waste management, urban agriculture and infrastructure. With my wife and kids, I build our own home in Oosterwold. I also carried out a […]

Sound Based Species Monitoring

Male Bullfinch singing

Sound Based Species Monitoring I am currently developing the idea to use sensitive microphones (Audiomoths) and AI for automatic sound based monitoring. Artificial intelligence is used to scan recordings and pulls out and identifies distinct sounds and phrases, such as bird songs, frog calls or bats. Work in Progress.. Other Experience Bird Guide Read more […]

Breeding Bird Monitoring

Male Common Redstart

Breeding Bird Monitoring Monitoring of Breeding birds (BMP) is an important tool to get data and reliable trends for birds. I have extensive experience with both the fieldwork and analysis of BMP data. Other Experience Bird Guide Read more Meetnetten Belgie Read more Raptor Ringing Read more Laad meer

Batumi Raptor Count

Batumi Raptor Count Batumi Raptor Count, or BRC, is a nature conservation NGO that works to monitor and conserve the 1,000,000+ birds of prey that migrate every autumn through the Batumi Bottleneck. I was heavily involved in the development of this project from 2012 until 2021, as a counter, board member and as president. A […]