My passion and expertise are at the intersection of nature, technology and people, with a special emphasis on birds. As an ecologist, I focus on advising, conducting and improving ecological research with modern technology and methods for data analysis. However, any ecological question with a technical aspect has my interest, in which not the technique, but the ecological question is central

Ecological Monitoring

I can advise, develop and conduct ecological monitoring for many species or species groups.

From developing the necessary underlying data model and protocols, conducting the actual fieldwork to processing the data into trend and occurrence analysis, I can be of help in all parts of the necessary process.


I can advice and help in all phases of ecological research.

With both a master in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Computational biology I have a sound scientific foundation. Recently however, I focused more on ornithological research with publications on a dataset of migration raptors over Batumi and currently collaborating on Marsh and Reed warblers with geolocators.


Fieldwork  is at the base of every ecological advice or research. Doing field research on birds in relation to their natural environment is, and remains one of my passions.


Nowadays, data and IT forms the basis of practically all projects in nature and ecological research. I have ample experience in the field of data analysis in ecology, biodiversity, geo-information (GIS) and monitoring. 

I provide IT and GIS support for ecological research, from developing data models,  data control and data processing to species distribution maps, trend analysis and complex spatial analysis.

Nature education and excursions

Research shows that watching and learning about birds (and learning about nature at all) leads many people to see the importance and beauty of nature and take action. As such, watching birds leads to ‘a world opening up’, and people are becoming more aware of their relationship to the earth and nature. In short: watching birds can turn people into conservationists.

Join me on a birding trip and experience this yourself!


Nature photography is another one of my passions. If you are in need of a captivating photo, either from a stunning bird, a close up of a specific insect, or any natural subject at all, I can make it.

Contact me for digital photography that embodies the beauty of our natural world.